Stairway to Heaven! All dogs go to heaven!

First day of work! Gotta pay the rent!

Family photo shoot


Momma licks

Puppy Play!! Cuteness

Stoic Tucker.

Haha great video I came across today

Need a bath call Teddy!

Timbit the aviator! Lets go to space!

Puppies! YaY (watch them live now)

It's a cats life for me! Yo ho ho.

Too cute for words!

Teddy Foot Attack

Awww! Isn't that precious!

Puppies eating each others faces. CUTE!!!

Timbit is pooped

Prison Break, the real show.

Jail Break!!!

Best Friends!!!!

Puppppy Licks!!!

You're not going to wear that are you?

The man behind the cats and dog

Timbit on the loose!

Tucker Attack

Milk Monsters

How's your Thursday going?


Teddy The Supermodel

Puppy Dinner time!

Classy Teddy

Queen Teddy!

How can he be so handsome!?

Special Forces in Training

Finally the answer to the California drought.