The winner is??? You decide!

A Good Scrubbing.

Tucker Saves Drake.

Poor Teddy

Tucker the Fierce

Best Friends

Well yes, I am beatiful!!!

Teddy the Boxer

A visit from Nylon the Cat

Appreciate Bath Time!!!

Teddy the Fighter

Bath Attack!!!

Teddy is out of control

Teddy likes to play alone!

The trusty laundry basket

Laser Eyes!

How Adorable is this?

An Interview with Teddy Bear!

I See You!!!

Sleepy Time

The Claw!!!

No Fun Allowed!!!

Roasted Teddy. Dinner is ready!

It's a pirates life for us.

Sunday Morning

Classic Teddy trying to eat Tucker.

Can you get any cuter than this?

How is this comfortable?

New lounge chair/scratching board

Tucker Loves Cat Nipp

A Healing Tucker.

The ruptured infection before we rushed Tucker off to the vet

Poor Tucker Boy

Kitty Heaven

Pirate Tucker

Murphy Dawg Continued

Meet Murphy Dawg!!!

Cats have nine lives: Part Two

Play Time

Cats do have nine lives: FACT

A Magic Day

Tucker Boy

Post New Years Party

Bringing The New Year in Style!!